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Firewalls have several hardwired networks, and these hardwires can be used in different ways according to the structure of the network to be protected. Firewalls are offered as hardware or software, Software firewalls should be installed on the long-lasting operating systems proved its security level is high.

Beside package filter, NAT/PAT (network address translation, port address translation) services firewalls can also provide Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Transparent Proxy serviced as modules.

Although computers at the level of client and server in your local network are protected some services of these computers can de accessible because of their intercommunication by local network, and these accessible services can be database server and file server of local network as well as files and printer sharing. Therefore in order to protect your local network from external attacks firewall can be installed between your local network and internet connection.

Severs necessary for access like Web, Mail and FTP are set up in a region of lower security level by separating from high security local networks because access to some services named as DMZ is permitted.

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